The Last Barfighter

February 2013
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What’s more memorable: sampling a beer poured by a bartender, beer rep or festival worker, or sampling a beer poured from a video arcade machine after you defeat your pathetic opponent in a game called “The Last Barfighter”? Everything about the Big Boss Brewery Beercade was handcrafted in-house at McKinney — from the classic arcade-inspired frame construction to the typographical styling and illustrations to the video game itself. It takes beer trial from forgettable smell-and-sip to memorable gloat-and-guzzle.

Advertising Agency: McKinney, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude
Associate Creative Director: Owen Tingle
Creative Technologist: Adam Carroll
Producers: Colin Dwan, Melissa Blavos, Lisa Bentley, Ben Eckerson
Programmers: Adam Carroll, Colin Dwan
Illustrator: Adam Carroll
Animation: Jacob Streilein, Adam Carroll, Forrest Maready
Music: Forest Maready
The Last Barfighter logo: Scott Pridgen
Cabinet: Bob Archer, Owen Tingle, Colin Dwan, Adam Carroll
Additional Art: Matt Lawson

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