Bendon Lingerie: Pole Dancer

Be inspired this Valentine's day. Bendon lingerie

This street installation appeared on poles outside Bendon Lingerie stores the day before and on Valentines Day.

Advertising Agency: Ideaworks, Sydney Australia
Executive Creative Director: Jono McCauley
Copywriters: Rodd Martin, Christian Kernot
Art Directors: Marie Mansfield, Hema Patel
Photographer: Paolo

Released: March 2007


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Darrin Stephens
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That's gotta be a hell-of-a thing to see life size on the street. Very cool.

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can we have that ambient here in dubai? bout' in bahrain?

ivan's picture

Life sentence anyone?

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

Chris's picture
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is it the hand off for stealing out that way in dubai/middle east, or is that just a western myth?

Bigbird's picture
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Is it ok that i really want one of those in my house?

Rog's picture
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See what happens when you have too much great Aussie weather??!! :D

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Chris's picture
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you might find this interesting Rog,the bit about aussie creatives and working in Oz...

Rog's picture
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Cheers, Chris.
Maybe we all need to work in the UK and suffer for our art?!
An old junior team-mate of mine from the 80's, Ben Nott is a Droga5 CD now.
Bastard! :D

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

Chris's picture
1987 pencils

Droga cd, fark!
If I were you I would use that connection!
Its true what he says about its all up to the individual, but its got a little to do with
being in the right place at the right time.

You worked in the 80's? how did it rate in comparison ie. competition between creatives for job positions.
to todays ad world?

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yeah, we've seen the stripper pole thing WAYYY too many times.

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This one looks more realistic. I prefer this one. Actually I want one of those in my house as well :)

DarkSide's picture
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I like this one better (saw the linked ono mencioned previously)
I just don't know for sure if I like the ad because I'm a creative or because I'm libidinous...

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Dick Huges
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is not about liking this one better or the other. The other guys did it first end of story.

Laurent's picture
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very sexy. surely inspiring

Joe76's picture
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Me like it :)

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