Beleyes: Outdoor for the blind

Little, transparant braille-stickers where put on the pushbuttons of the pedestrian traffic lights. This way the visually impaired pedestrian will 'read' the advert while activating the klikking-sound which sounds during the green phase. This sticker says:

bel eyes .nl

, which is a dutch onlineshop for the visually impaired.

Agency: Industry communication, Amsterdam, Netherland
Creative Director: Raoul Bakker
Art Director: Marc Linderhof
Copywriter: Raoul Bakker


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Modal Writer
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utterly impressive new media

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Boony wants a beer
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Braille isn't new at all. Neither are pedestrian crossings. Just because you happen to put some braille on one, doesn't make it clever or impressive.

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i smell sulfur burning.

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hmmm will someone add some small circles to make the message say something dirty?

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Lorem Ipsum
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is the website also in braille?

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Probably it is optimized for blind readers, and it is read out aloud.

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Lorem Ipsum
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The website doesn't feature any blind-supporting web-technologies.
The blind person probably has to ask his "guide dogs" to check it out for him.

The concept is a bit weak, isn't it?

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A properly formatted html page can ge easily read by a blind equipped browser. The page doesn't have to have special features, like an audio player for instance.

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It's amazing how a good idea with no support fails to accomplish its goal. It's stupid to think that a blind person will enter a site that can't be seen or at least heard. What the fµ©k was the creative crew thinking?????


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Jonny Lonestar
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um. no big idea. it's an ad for blind people on a crosswalk. they have tons of pubs, websites, conventions, etc. where you could do the same advertising... and many legally blind people still have some vision... this is kind of lame...

My aunt is blind, and a lobbyist for the blind here in the states, i have been with her now to 3 national federation of the blind conventions... thousands of blind people everywhere... the very first thing i learned, was that blind people HATE when you treat them like they're handicapped.

I asked her if part of their lobbying platform was to get that crosswalk "clicking sound" put in at crosswalks... and she (and the other blind people we were with) were completely offended... they all said the clicky thing was absolutely retarded... blind people rely on their ears heavily and can hear when traffic changes direction)

And yes, blind people have computers and browsers, specifically developed for the vision impaired

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If you ask me, this sucks. It perpetuates why people hate advertising. Think about it. Braille is how these people see. At least we can turn our heads from advertising. "Well Brandon, they don't have to read it." I know, but then they might just get hit by a car.

I've got a new media Idea... Glue. I'll come into your house while you sleep and glue ads to your forehead. That way, you surely won't miss 'em.

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I agree with bknowiden.

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the only saving grace in this idea is that it is for a store, for the visually impaired..

Imagine if the braille said soimething like The weather forecast calls for a mcflurry...

or watch Girls gone wild, everynight only on WhateverTV.

What would be some horrible things to advertise on Braille? Lets hear em..

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