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of course it was done before, but this has a nice touch to it, and doesnt deny the fact that it was done before =]

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The fight of the before/after conitnues, this one is different. But one thing im curious, if i donate..whatever it is they want me to donate (corneal). Do I lose my eye sight? I dunno if its a weird question.

But generally, you know if you donate one kidney, it'll be hard to live with one. If you donate both, heh ur pretty much dead. Does anyone and everyone know the case with corneal?

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simply superb........
better than the best.........

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por qué siempre tienen que poner a toooooda la agencia en la ficha técnica?

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La conciencia d...

De acuerdo. Para qué ponen a todos cuando ya sabemos que fue ESTEBAN SACCO el que se robó la idea.

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Mantequilla Nápoles

Mi pregunta es: ¿Necesitan 4 Directores Generales Creativos para decir: Esta me gusta...¡¡¡Copiémosla!!!?
Finalmente, la idea ORIGINAL es muy buena.

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The reference Ad Crazy is giving sounds fake.
How many of you knew it?
Thanks to Google and YouTube we are discovering that everything is done.
This one is real.
And better.

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ad crazy

Dear Johna, i didnt said this is fake or copy some one else, i only means i have saw a same ad just like this, is same idea same execution, done by Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai
Creative Directors: Piyush Pandey, Sagar Mahabaleshwarkar
Art Director: Abhijit Karandikar
Copywriter: Sameer Kochure

if u dont believe, u can check it out the link. Thanks!

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[...] Cruz roja, México [...]

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si fuera un anuncio de print estaría bueno. Pero un afiche?? eso no lo ve nadie!! Además, tiene que ser tan boludos de poner 4 Direcotres creativos para eso??. Volvé Zuniol !!!!!

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I smell a turd

I think it's a FANTASTIC idea that they want to put in display how blatantly cynical they are. Bloody thieves.

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The Creator

Already done buddy. Try harder.

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Great fucking idea.
Don't listen to the mumble.

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Mumble? Ok so you steal an ad and you just act cynical about it. Nice.
Esteban Sacco has a fame of stealing ideas from students and trainees, this is not different.

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for what it's worth, i posted this in the student section here and on another ad site several months ago.

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Es un LEVANTE!!!

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SO DONE! The same "idea" won Gold on London International Awards 2006, almost two years before this one. Same brief, same layout, same driver, same porpouse, same, same, same...
Walter Thompson México it´s so full of shit and only embarases mexicans creatives that try to do stuff the legal way around.

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Biggest Ripoff on mexican advertisement ever. This idea has already won Gold at London International Awards 2006. Same brief, same driver, same porpouse,same layout, same everything! Walter Thompson México: Shame on you.