Beach Park: Luggage

Advertising Agency: Verve Comunicacao, Fortaleza, Brazil
Creative Director: Fernando Costa
Art Directors: Túlio Pinheiro, Diego Ribeiro, Alex Moreira
Copywriters: Cláudio Sena, Renato Ribeiro, Iuri Castelo, Leonardo Gonçalves


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Guest commenter

A for effort, sorry it missed the mark

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leaking bucket.
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Nice work. I think it will be very effective.

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yes... curious.


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Love the use of the luggage conveyor belt, though as usual have to wonder how widespread or practical this was, I imagine most airports would not be forthcoming.

"Because we are made of water" is a very odd line however, maybe something got lost in translation, but that doesn't particularly sound like a benefit.

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very cool action... but I think the line "because we are made of water" is kinda weak.

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Jon TheJunction

Haha what an eye-catcher. Would be great to take such luggage on a flight with a lot of old people on board. I bet the half of them would get a heart-attack!

Cheers J!

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Does *everything* have to be turned into an ad space? Yeah, cute ambient. But it's just adding to the nonstop clutter of ads, and as a result nothing *really* gets noticed when everything is screaming for attention.

Further to the point, anyone who's been to a luggage carousel knows those things probably stood a 1-in-10 chance actually remaining upright.

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