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funny one, interesting idea

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Good idea, but come up with a clever line for the middle, instead of just the brand name. As it is, I read the punchline before I get the set-up.

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daniel ieraci
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I don't know why but I actually like the simplicity of simply having the brand name there. I understand what you're saying in regards to reading the punchline first, but in this case I can't actually fault that approach as it still works very well. Just my opinion though.

Overall very nice idea with great execution.

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Matt Sniper
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is this real?

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mmm they could work on something else with large lenses ...

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I dig it. It's simple, fun and engaging. Best of all passers-by who try to take a shot will find that their cameras (which don't have 'wide angle zoom') can't take a close up shot of the entire board, so it makes a then-and-there comparison with Olympus.

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Ed Mintone
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I like it!

<----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- this a much ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------->

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very good, show the benefits of the product

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will catch attention of camwhores.

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This is great, especially for Australia *but*...

Camera's are virtually banned on Bondi Beach, because of perverts.

Not *quite* the right spot to put it.

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I feel this is one of the best examples of product demonstration. It conveys the effectiveness of the product, and allows passers by to compare their own cameras with the Olympus. Works for me.

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