BC Lottery Corporation - Lotto Super 7: Rainbow

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Paul Little
Copywriter: Dan Nelken
Art Director: John Williamson
Production: Julian Davis


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that's pretty cool, nice job.

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Buy a ticket for Gay Pride Week?

Sorry, nice idea, but there's no connection between the lights and the billboard design.

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You'r such an ass...never heard the expresion: "The fortune at the end of the rainbow"

I think this is great!!!

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I agree Zeus. Amazing how some people just want to talk trash without even understanding the idea!. I think it's a fantastic billboard! Kudos!

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it's the end of the rainbow...sweet.

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nice, love the idea!

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didn't get it when i first saw it... so thats no good for ambient.
I also didn't think of an rainbow. serious... rainbow at night?! At
daytime this won't be working... right? And it's not bent like a
rain"bow". It looks more like an homosexual-flag.
sorry guys...

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Okay, you people are thinking WAY too into this. I got it immediately, very clever.

Tweet tweet: @ThisAbility

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I got it! You would not see the bend in the rainbow if you were at the end of it. That is like saying you can see the sun rays bend around the Earth when everyone knows the Earth is flat. Jez..

I think its clever. It communicates nicely. And I believe everyone on this site would be gay if they won 27 million. So either way it works :)

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I think that It would work better with daylight

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Ed Mintone
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Oh my.

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Def. works. Not sure if it's an instant read to some people's point. Sign is kind of plain and retail, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Overall, it's a nice thought. Can this work during daytime, too?

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very nice

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I always laugh when everyone makes remarks about how an ad sucks when it's already cleaned up at a few of the international awards. It's even funnier that some people a)Don't get a brilliant idea and b)Try to critique it as if hoping the agency will make the relevant changes because of AOTW posters' criticisms. Straight art direction when the extension of the idea is twisted is fine in my book.

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(1) What awards did this get?
(2) Was it truly that bad a year for entries?

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very good stuff!

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Clever, good work guys

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Here's one.
Clio 2008
Rainbow Billboard
BC Lottery Corporation - Lotto Super 7
TBWA\Vancouver, Vancouver

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"The fortune at the end of the rainbow", great. quite different billboard design. Just wonder how it works during daytime.

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I think it's quite clever and got it right away. I think we can safely assume that everyone has heard the term, "Pot of Gold/Fortune" at the end of the rainbow. Combine that with the billboard underneath and the brain does the rest. We need to have some faith in consumers. If the light was powerful enough, maybe it could even work on a cloudy day, where rainbows are still very common.

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Borat: I likkkkkeeee........ :)

Be awesome :)

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Good idea but not practical bcos it won't work during daytime. A half-a-day billboard is a waste. Think it over. There are other ways to execute this besides just using those lights.

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yeah, lets think it over.

I don't know when it actually ran but info for today:

Vancouver length of day = 9hrs 18mins

that would make 14hrs 42mins of night. later this year even more.

so... it's not so way off.

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Amsterdam, The ...

Maybe this is the beginning of the rainbow? (and that building doesn't like too high, if there really was a pot of gold there, i'd invest in some ladders or whatever..)

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