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I like the thought, but a majority of cars these days do not have antennaes. So you'd probably only be reaching about 10% of your audience. If there was something else to support the event or idea, I think it could be much stronger.

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Shut Theory
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cars with no antennas? i yet have to see that... the antennas r there but they are smaller and on the top of the ceiling, but last time i checked, they were there

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actually i think you are right fotdot, because this time most of the cars dosent have that knind of antenas
but if it's before 6 or 7 years i think that time it will support the event

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I agree wit hthe antenna thing, but ask yourself this, wouldn't it annoy you if you saw this thing on every single car? I think by only putting them on 10-20% of the cars in a car lot, dispersed through out, it would generate a good effect.

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Shut Theory
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not if its YOUR car! it would just... annoy you

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welcome to our career.

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Cool thinking.
Makes me smile. Even if it was my car.
Hell, I leave it there for my wife to find.
Fotdot does have a point though.
No antennas on new cars in Oz anymore.
Love guerilla outdoor stuff.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I think it would have to be put on a lot of cars in a parking lot. If it was just on mine, by the time I'd taken it off, and read what it was, the illusion of the foil (sword) would be gone. Unless enough other cars had this for one to make the connection.
Made me smile though, this idea!

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