Andy-B's picture
280 pencils

Thats insulting

Kateter's picture
2029 pencils

wow, extremly bad!

sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

ewww, skin removal center, unless there's a naked bear running around. not crazy about the dead animal pelt, but the idea seems to solve the challenge in the brief. perhaps the business card should be printed on a muslin strip.

coolburp's picture
45 pencils

its tooooooooo ugly

G.J.'s picture
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Yeah rite:

1. You guys actually left a bear's fur in a public place? Very generous indeed, and for a dumb ass message? Or in hope of winning an award?

2. Hairy like a bear? Bears don't remove their fur even after winter, humans like you do that for them. And humans don't grow hair just for winter. wat's the connection between winter and hair removal?

3. Sucks big like a bear.

No matter wat u do,
33% of the people will love it,
33% of the people will hate it,
And the rest won't give a #@%#.

gribovitch's picture
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you are all being insulting anyway.

said the joker to the clown

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i thought this would be a good one for peta

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BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I find this one difficult to believe on all sorts of levels, not the least of which is, as the previous poster said, "hey, let's put a bear pelt out there and see what happens!" The message is almost literally buried in the gimmickry (a problem shared by a lot of the ambients posted here, actually).

I cant believe a company like Grey Advertising would come up with something like this.

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Lame and incoherent. Besides, what's wrong with being hairy? Real men have hair.

mark3r's picture
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Ooh ooh! next time! why don't you put a big hairy ass on the benches with the message sticking out the crack! I'm sure that will get more attention! =D

yctham's picture
178 pencils

I'm no a bear. Silky smooth. =D

vvhisky's picture
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there,´s no emoticon that can express how bad i feel,
You ruin my day Grey Istambul.

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missed my turn
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Easy Istanbul. I don't think I've busted out the "hairy as a bear" joke ever. Not on the beach. Not anywhere.

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Istanbul's perception of human being are very hairy creatures...

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the worst idea i have ever seen

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