BADT: A piggy bank for the homeless

Inspired by recent articles in Dutch newspapers illustrating the growing issue of homelessness in the city, over 15,000 and counting, a wider conversation opened up within the agency that presented the question ‘What can we do to help?’ Immediately, ‘A Piggy Bank For the Homeless’, an awareness and fundraising campaign designed to help tackle the homeless issue head-on, was born. The concept was simple: in order to get more homeless people off the streets we would put more homeless people on the streets. The execution: source mannequins, dress them in shabby, used clothes and install a roughly cut-out money slot on top of the head to resemble a piggy bank. The result is an a thought- provoking online film, shot on location in Amsterdam, with the mannequins in situ, similar to those of the homeless, with hand-written cardboard signs asking for donations to support BADT. The entire project took less than a week to make and came in at under €100. The mannequins were sourced for free, other colleagues at JWT Amsterdam donated clothing.

Advertising Agency: JWT, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

June 2014


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Actually, rather clever. As sad as it is, giving to the homeless can often be difficult and awkward. You're also not able to take pictures and share with your friends the experience of giving when it concerns a living person.

This erases both of those issues. I would most definitely donate a few dollars.

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Love it.

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Taban Hasan

amazingly put forth!

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I'd be really skeptical about this. For all I know, the mannequin could have been placed there by some dodgy people.

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Truida Prekel

A very creative idea, as long as it is well managed and supervised, so that the "new-homeless" don't get highjacked or robbed. Also gives people opportunity to give, without the risk that the money is used to support the habits that keep most of the homeless on the streets.

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