December 2007

Ambient advertisment created by TBWA, Brazil for Baden Baden, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Baden Baden. Handmade Beer.

Advertising Agency: Lew´Lara/TBWA, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Manir Fadel, Braulio Kuwabara, Luciano Lincoln
Art Director: Filipe Cuvero
Copywriter: Roberto Kilciauskas
Photographer: Rogerio Miranda

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Very well! Liked embroidery by "cross"

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yun siang orangutan
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My goodness! How much did it cost? I preferred the other ones for Baden Baden. It's good for attention getting but I'm sitting here wondering what mechanical stitching has to do with beer. I don't see how the ad can be made by hand and still produced.

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you culler.... what? i think 3 of 4 people here love the idea.
I really like of artisan form... really tasting. Same this production.
Who cares how much it cost????, the client likes it an pay for it.
i wish all my accounts could pay for that more often.


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Please feel free to question my opinion, but I'm not going to change it just because others disagree. Additionally, making fun of my name was rather unnecessary, don't you think?

Cost wise: I would hope that I'd steer my clients towards more effective advertising for the cost. Did the client pay for it? Who knows? Agencies will often sponsor a limited run of an idea they are proud of even if the client doesn't want to pay for it. At least in the US. Personally, I don't think it's effective - just an attention getting device that doesn't have to do with the beer. Had it been something handmade that related to beer, I could understand. Cross stitch isn't conveying the idea for me. An attractive hop or barley collage would.

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Nice, I like it
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agree. what does stitching have to do with beer?

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Very well! Liked embroidery by "cross"

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