AXE: Protest

There was a faint scent of protest when we aired a radio spot for AXE that was a little ambiguous – was it a women playing tennis energetically (a la Maria Sharapova), or was it a woman doing something else? So we decided to create our own protest (against our own product!). We sent a group of attractive women protesters onto the city streets proclaiming “Protect Us From The AXE Effect”. Of course a group of attractive women waving banners and signs on the streets of downtown Nairobi was bound to attract attention. And so it did – from the public, TV news teams, radio stations, magazines and bloggers. The net result was that we gained a lot of mass media exposure explaining the AXE effect, at minimal cost to the client. Mission accomplished!

Advertising Agency: TBWA East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya
Executive Creative Director: Jimmy Geeraerts
Art Director: Yash Deb
Copywriter: Mark Kovalevsky
Additional Credits: Chris Madison, Kenneth Njihia, Stephen Baya, Elijah Masua, Mary Anne Mumbi
Published: May 2013


khalsain's picture
266 pencils

Reverse psychology huh?

kleenex's picture
37411 pencils

I do not think it worked.

DTC's picture
28 pencils

I agree with Kleenex. Unless there is an aspect of cultural relevance we are missing, I suspect that those results were a bit over-exaggerated.

feysal's picture
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I think the messaging is all wrong as they should be protesting against bad body odor, not axe does this mean axe smells bad?

groovy baby!

marmite-on-toast's picture
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What? Don't you know anything about axe/lynx?

Jesse James's picture
Jesse James
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Interesting unexpected activation. Nice work TBWA Kenya.

Crystal 3CB's picture
Crystal 3CB
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Well, it certainly got attention, which is always a good thing in advertising.

jackblack's picture
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I like the idea, but the execution is very poor. But great effort Kenya!!!

Siderola's picture
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Very bad execution.

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