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Axe ads are really good. The sexy-dirty-naughty side is quite catching

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andrej dwin
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can't shake off the feeling this would look completely fake in real life.
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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its nice... except that real lingerie would also have been ok. its cheap (atleast for axe) and would've made a much bigger impact. ;)

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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el único que no...

lowe lisboa did the same activation for the same client and for the same product.....but 6 months before. click the link above

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nice naughty one i agree but all the approaches that tend for sex are in my opinion very cheap, to be creative u hv 2 pick the hard way to attract the target audience. through sex every advertiser knows that it isn't that hard 2 grab the attention.. cheap cheap...

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And how do you want to sell men perfumes or deodorants?

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new age advertiser

wicked, bt a closer look proves this is fake. gr8 photoshop, bt still a nice idea!

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i have the same EXACT idea for my local client. but diff brand. THANKS TO MY CD AND CLIENT for supporting!!!!

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Well, I don't think I would like it if my lingerie were to stick somewhere like that!!!

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Made boys believe that was real lingerie, then made them disappointed after they discovered the owner of lingerie was gone.

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Nice lingerie! Quite realistic but again, weird place to see lingerie hanging.

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its just a stickers Lingerie is all about women’s confidence and making women feel sexy.

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Interesting your show reality because sometime undergarment hanging there were in bathroom..

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