Axe: Larissa Riquelme

The principal challenge was to stand out during the World Cup 2010 Season with a very low budget. The objective was to create free press by highlighting the brand and making it possible to reach everybody’s attention. Our strategy was to fuse both things men love the most: Soccer and Women. So we created the “sexiest billboard” to appeal to men. We got amazing results, as we were able to get everybody's attention on our brand, generating millions and millions of dollars in free press.

Advertising Agency: Biedermann McCann, Asunción, Paraguay
Executive Creative Director: Federico Perie
Creative Directors: Oscar Vera, Marcos Valdez, Ale Rebull
Art Director: Ale Rebull
Copywriter: Oscar Vera
Published: June 2010


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tamer samy
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wow, i am going to buy Axe now !! again and again, SEX don't sell !

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I believe this campaign did sell but it's not creative at all.

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Brilliant idea, if you don't mind people turning into walking ads..

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sex does sell lol

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For sure it generated some visibility for Axe brand, but did it have any impact on sales?

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I say it had some impact.

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Brilliant, my ass. Cheap, trashy, and exploitative. Where is the creativity? There is nothing creative about turning people into "walking ads". That's one of the laziest ideas in advertising. Another stupid sexist campaign that ended up on aotw's front page.

By the way, if you are curious to see Larissa's (bare) ass, please visit

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I'm anngry as well.
When I see and hear all those stupid, proud, self awared trashy voiceovers boasting of being so fantasticly efficient in bringing outstanding amount of money to the company thanks to the so excellent idea, and when You see that idea was to stamp a brand name on someone's breast it makes me think of what kind of civilization i live, and what is the "spiritus movens" of modern man.
In this "film" the world is simple - men love sooooooccer and boooooooobs. Tehy are primitive and we use primitive means and TADAM! voila! - money, money, money - huge stream of money flows into account of our beloved corporational client.
And c'mon - don't be so serious - it's about fun, carpe diem... tralala.
it's literally - PA-THE-TIC

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Unfortunately I am second…

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pathetic i agree

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OMG! Sex sells...unfortunately the ad shouldn't sell anything - it's supposed to make people buy - right?

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