Axe Instinct: Leather cover

Discover the power of leather.

Advertising Agency: Lowe/SSP3, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Directors: Margarita Olivar
Art Director: Margarita Olivar
Copywriters: Juan Carlos González, Carlos Camacho
Photographer: Esteban Sostnisky
Other additional credits: Juanita Delgado, Natalia Franco
Released: February 2009

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I get 'discover' but I don't get the 'power of leather' part.
Must have been very expensive... or fake (scam that is, not fake leather ;)

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just write
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does it say that boobs look better in leather bra?... :)

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inspired by andy warhol`s - STICKY FINGERS COVER for the rolling stones

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Pretty decent idea. Not a fan of the AXE brand or it's image; but this (unoriginal) idea is still pretty good.

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this is stupid.

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this is great. this will get something at the shows. not gold, but something.

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More than stupid its copied from an American Rock Band first album cover named "open heart surgery" I think wich is inforgivable

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El cliente tiene que ser un machista que te cagas, siempre recurriendo a este tipo de publicidad PRODUCTO + MUJER + SEXO = EXITO DE VENTAS

Que innoven un poco por favor, que ya no estamos en los años 20.

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que hipocrita sos.

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claaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaro!!!! por q la estrategia de AXE deberia ser: PRODUCTO + EL ARCOIRIS Y SUS 7 COLORES + NOSTALGIA POR ESTAR LEJOS DE CASA = Exito de Ventas....

claro, claro...

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Eso Carlitos"GALGACHO" Camacho.

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J'aime bien ! Parfait pour le produit... et la clientèle cible.

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So 1812...

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seguramente no es innovador por q ya se ah visto pero interactua con el cliente y es exactamente lo q vende axe

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