Axe: Bus

The bus has been used to show a house full of girls having fun with an AXE guy. Buses have been used for creative advertising successfully in the past for chocolate and National Geographic. This execution gives a different twist to this medium. It turns the bus into one of those Las Vegas strip limos. Now, this would not be news anywhere in the world, except that this bus have been done in Dubai. A cosmopolitan, but still conservative muslim country. Wow!

Agency: Lowe, Dubai


Jablai's picture
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Ha..ha..ha.. I want to try this bus...

paiduema's picture
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emmmmm .... so, no one can see anything outside the bus?

ALAA's picture
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It's transparent from inside.. :)

Mo's picture
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haha...guys will be really pissed once they enter the bus to discover that it's the same old crapy inside with that same old big fat guy chewing his Bigmac and a poker face girl listening to her i-pod.... :P

writergeekdez's picture
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exactly! and don't forget that creepy serial killer guy that smells like cigarettes and a tinge of urine.

.nl's picture
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Funny. This is an eyecatcher.

GrandChamp's picture
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this bus scares me.

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screw bus, i want to try those girls...great execution

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