Australian Red Cross: Torture

Torture is never OK.
Even wars have laws.

Advertising Agency: The Fuel Agency, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Rod Clausen
Senior Art Director: Ed Bechervaise
Senior Copywriters: Simon Robins, Toby Blackler
Account Manager: Mary Atley
Other Additional Credits: Andre Ash, Rachel Corponi, Adam O'Neill
Via: Bestadsontv


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tell it to the americans in iraq

| Everartz |

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this is too real and harsh. just like it should be for the subject matter.

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so what?!

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Phil Lestino
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Well if they hadn't have put a couple of bloody chairs wirth a big sign saying that torture is never good
I would have just carried on living my life thinking that torture was sometimes good....
so thanks for telling me now I won't go around thinking that sometimes it might be fun to torture someone .
Saved me a lot of trouble!

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they may be referring to the "patriot act" or the guantanamo trials?

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bad astronaut
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Might as well have Jigsaw sit on one of those chairs.

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Not connection between text and chairs

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Roger Keynes
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You're not telling me anything.
What do you want me to think?
Yes, of course it needs to stop.
Something needs to give here.
Change the line or the 'visual'.

Will Think for Salary

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Roger Keynes
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bt the way... EVEN WARS HAVE LAWS simply doesn't ring true... on either side.

Will Think for Salary

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Totally agree. Since when are there laws to war? This campaign is awful.

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Probably the best of a lackluster campaign.

And Roger, there are laws to war, otherwise there wouldn't be war criminals. Of course, the people in power decide the laws, but that's a different issue for a different website.

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idea is to direct. it needs more of a twist otherwise it's forgettable.

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this one is strong


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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amazing blood stain, it precisely hit the chairs only, Art direction is fading... sorry

Torture? just by that bloody chairs is enough to understand. Put that envelop in small size at the bottom or top if it is badly needed

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