Australian Red Cross: Landmines

Landmines don't kill soldiers. That's why they're banned.
Even wars have laws.

Advertising Agency: The Fuel Agency, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Rod Clausen
Senior Art Director: Ed Bechervaise
Senior Copywriters: Simon Robins, Toby Blackler
Account Manager: Mary Atley
Other Additional Credits: Andre Ash, Rachel Corponi, Adam O'Neill
Via: Bestadsontv


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Roger Keynes
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Yeah... but needs something.
SFX when you tread on it?
Otherwise that 'sticker' campaign from Sydney in the late 80's does it best.

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Landmines don't only kill soldiers. That's why they're banned. -----------------> only is missing in the description part !
Even wars have laws.

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what they mean is that in general land mines kill civilians and not soldiers, a soldier killed by a land mine now a days is rare, innocent people are the ones that suffer

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The copy cud have been tightened: Landlines kill not just soldiers

murali duggineni

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You're right, but I'd suggest even tighter – Landmines don't just kill soldiers... that's why they're banned

It's a nice effect, however the style has been done to death.

No pun intended.

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i wish nothing else was written on the copy... Is it ok if it kills a soldier (who is also human?)

and no... even if the war has laws, it is illegal itself. Saying this, you can leave an open door for war, and when things get thoug no body can put a clear line between what is bad and what is worst.

Strong campaign this one. Hate to say i like it. One of the landmines could have been "blown out" and maybe a thorn shoe could have been left there... God, i'm getting savage myself just by thinking about making it "better".

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Lara sson
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Are you lara larssonian?

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is there at least a soundeffekt if you step on them? lame...

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Patata Casada
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Ok, once I read that... what am I supposed to do as a civilian???? That's governments's job!

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Phil Lestino
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So they are banned...well that's good then isn't it.....nobody needs to worry then.

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Missing a C2A. "Donate to the Red Cross, save someone's legs"? Without it, the message is simply "landmines are banned" and it's not asking anyone to do anything. Unless you're an arms dealer.

Ooh, there's a campaign. "Are you an arms dealer? Save someone's legs: don't sell landmines."

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I think this campaign could be better

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yes, this is really a good one!

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Or this:

Student project I did a year back

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Even wars have not connecting yet


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