Australian Red Cross: Child soldiers

Even wars have laws.

Advertising Agency: The Fuel Agency, Australia
Executive Creative Director: Rod Clausen
Senior Art Director: Ed Bechervaise
Senior Copywriters: Simon Robins, Toby Blackler
Account Manager: Mary Atley
Other Additional Credits: Andre Ash, Rachel Corponi, Adam O'Neill
Via: Bestadsontv


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WTF??? uuuuugggghhhh!!!

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clone wars!

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Phil Lestino
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The Midwitch cukoos with guns!

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bad astronaut
544 pencils the Children of the Corn have guns? I kid....but this ambient needs more substance.

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Again, not connection between text and image.

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The copy is different from what Ivan has put under the picture (that is the name of the whole campaign). As I can read it: Forcing children to fight a war is criminal.
I have no idea what's the idea here. Neither the ambient nor the copy provides one.

Info from

"As part of the Australian Red Cross' mandate to promote and educate the Australian public about the laws of war, better known as International Humanitarian Law, an integrated campaign 'Even Wars Have Laws' from The Fuel Agency has been launched across Australia.Together with an online component ( where Australians can have their say, cities around Australia have been adorned with an 'in your face' ambient campaign, bringing the reality of these laws closer to home by encouraging people to learn more about International Humanitarian Law."

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Thanks for explaining. Once again, the copy could be shorter – why is the 'a' in there?

And honestly, they're propped up with cinder blocks. I'm sure a decent stand couldn't have been that much more on top of the printing. A weighted base and print them on corflute maybe...

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Totally agree. Cheap execution of a basic "idea".

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Holly Boy
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copy and art not connecting properly, otherwise good visual


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