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Pretty dangerous to place this on a sidewalk.
The idea is good (but stolen).

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the execution is the same.. but the concept is different.
Well done.

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A cool idea, but geez, these storm drains are so dangerous to begin with.


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Pun? Really? Where? It doesn't say 'don't drain them of their education' or anything atrocious like that. It may have been done before, admittedly, but c'mon... it's done much better here (the abacus poles are, rather redundantly, running vertical in the other one).

Some people are saying this is dangerous... fuck me, we are talking about Indian kids who live on the streets here, aren't we? I think they have bigger things to worry about than slipping on an abacus bead. Look at the street again and play a little game of 'spot the health hazard'. Ask yourself 'what's wrong with this picture?' You can start with the poor fucking kids using an abacus in a drain gutter to play with for starters. If the ad makes the rich aware of the needs of the poor, whether slightly plagiarised or otherwise, it's good. Hats off.

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Okay, done b4, but this one is better. The other one mentioned on this site as the original was vertical which make no sense at all, its just a visual representation of a counter- it takes the interactivity out of it.

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The concept behind the original work is not meant to be interactive for kids. It says that if we don't donate for the cayse, these kids will have no choice but to pick up whatever education they can off the streets...
(The objective is to drive donations and this is a much more hard-hitting message)

The line "make every child count" is simpler but not as persuasive or hard hitting.

The idea I'm afraid is stolen.

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The concept behind the ORIGINAL work is not meant to be interactive for kids. On the contrary, the ad says that if you don't donate for the cause these kids will have nowhere but the dangerous streets to learn from! The aim is to drive donations and this is a much more hard-hitting and persuasive message.

The line "make every child count" is simple but not as hard hitting.

The idea is no-doubt stolen!

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Just a little confused... this seems like a very posh closed-gate complex in Bombay... and there are street kids, who would typically be beaten to death for coming even close to the gate... and they are playing with the abacus here... what about the affluent citizens who they actually intended to talk to? did they see it ever?

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good concept

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bite me

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Not only have they copied it. They have copied the mistake of the former one which was making it vertical. Note how the same mistake has been COPIED here. Just because the kids are place from the other end (as to not cover the message) doesn’t make it any horizontal like a real abacus should be. COPIED and COPIED BADLY.

- ashamed to be an INDIAN

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its a working idea.. but...

its distasteful. (it is sh't underneath it u know)

i will hate the agency for making my kids do that.


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Actually this is quite nice.

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This is not an abacus because the number of beads / stones are not the same on all of the rods. It is, however, a neat way to show kids both a numeric series and a looped rainbow.

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