Apple video iPod: Movies in your Pocket campaign, Popcorn

To promote the movie function of the iPod, cinemas were activated by miniaturizing the movie going experience. Tiny popcorn boxes were created that featured the campaign idea: "Movies in your pocket".

Advertising Agency: Net#Work BBDO, South Africa
Creative Directors: Graeme Jenner, Julian Watt
Art Director: Sean Harrison
Copywriter: Tim Beckerling
Photographer: Brian Gibbs
Producers: Clinton Mitri, Maggie Post
Published: April 2007


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predictible but nice. must have been effective.

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done so many times for a lot of short-film-festivals. wheres the little coke with the big straw?
the other two are better.

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How do you 'activate a cinema'?

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The name is White
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Ag guys! you know, most of you are so over-critical!
Gees! Stop being so uptight,
like you got a carrot stuck up your ass!

(En moetie eers dinkie dat julle vi my vi 'n poes vattie hoor?)

To write is to be the PUPPET MASTER of brainless sheep.

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ming the merciless
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Miniature things have been done to death. What do you think of it?

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thank you. what's the point of this business if we don't always go for originality?

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Nice question, Slim...

I'm going to activate my Sleep function right now...

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