deep_tracy's picture
588 pencils

wouldn't that encourage them more? now, a portrait of a hindu god...

Saeed Salem's picture
Saeed Salem
57 pencils

i think it would... poor work

fifthbullet's picture
188 pencils

badly execute, no idea, look damn like scam photoshop artwork that done by lazy fella who did not cover enough picture for the urinal. the angle doesn't look right, especially the bottom right one...

Desi's picture
1052 pencils

why in English? The guys who pee are mostly the illeterate ones.
Good idea but looks fake. Agree with fifthbullet, the bottom right has wrong angle.

Chris's picture
1985 pencils

This idea sucks. Money would be better spent to install public urinals,like in amsterdam.


addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils



Capitalist's picture
132 pencils

Eish...somehow, not even the best line in the world can save this one. The idea does the opposite..ouch!

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

i will, pee on it. and soon the ads will...yeah..look "nice"

whitespace's picture
1953 pencils

... you're female right? You took one of those exercises?

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

look "nicer" i mean

juankhr's picture
136 pencils

terrible execution and a very poor idea not calling to stop pee on the walls but encourage it.

comingsoon's picture
117 pencils

It seems like encourage people to pee on walls rather than educate them.

ellehcimeo's picture
3522 pencils

Putting a pic of a motherly type might work better "I taught you better than this. Stop peeing on the walls"
Good grief.

Vibe's picture
230 pencils

Oh good! now i have imaginative toilet everywhere!

life_joke's picture
103 pencils

Friends, Ideators and Indian Ad-Industrians,
Lend me your time (max. 10 secs). I hereby eulogise, with utmost sympathy and a heavy heart, the sad
demise of the LACS (Lowest Acceptable Creative Standard)factor of O&M, Kolkata, India. Ironically the
title of this "factor" rhymes with a word in the english dictionary which means 'Devoid of; Not
consisting of'.
On this extremely pitiful occassion let us pray hard and ask the almighty to keep us from becoming
complacent, becoming oversmart & turning a blnd eye to the great work being churned out by the other
agencies of the city. Otherwise, it wouldn't be long before all of us follow suit.
So let's keep in mind this case. And as we bury the agency, let us be grateful to it for providing us
the opportunity to learn such an important lesson.
May its soul rest in piece...oops...peace.

bang's picture
14 pencils

guys i thought o&m recruits people with atleast some grey matter. Oh boy! The whole communicatin sucks.Noble idea. But fuckall thought process and execution. These guys don't understand communication for sure.Buck up ogilvy. Take some good people.

bang's picture
14 pencils

The more I see it the more irritated i get. These guys should take a jump. Absolutely no loss for the industry.

Damon Hakim's picture
Damon Hakim
25 pencils

really ogilvy?

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