Anti Piracy DM

You get a letter with an unbranded CD and a post it letting you know all the software is on the CD and the serials are enclosed. When opening the CD you get a surprise Windows blue screen of death and the effect of the monitor shutting down. Then you get a message from Microsoft, that you are lucky time this is just a DM, but next time your machine can crash for real if you use bootleg software.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman ME, Dubai
CD: Kerry Platts
CW: Richa Khan

June 2006


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Exactly. They could have saved themselves the trouble of burning a new CD, and instead simply shipped one of the usual windows CDs.Better results guaranteed!

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people you need to get with the times. windows hasnt crashed on me in like 2 years. programs sometimes crash because i try to do too much but never BSOD or crash.

anyway. the product here is good because it might make you feel unsafe if you dont have a licensed version and might scare you enough to buy one. but the seasoned pirates know better :0

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I'd be too scared to put the CD into my PC - can't trust anything anymore. It would've gone straight in the bin.

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idiot idea for idiot client


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