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Hey, in the end, it's just a sign...
loved the case and everything.

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That's the genius. It's just a sigh. Not fancy digital crap. Just a sign. Clever.

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I'm digging it.

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How exactly is a sign clever or case-worthy? It's not simple, it's obvious and irrelevant. How is this any different from those guys in festivals carrying around a backpack filled with beer and a flag with a light on it? In that it says "GPS?

Come on, really???

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It's not because it's a sign or there is GPS written. The cleverness is about solving a problem. They needed to sell beers during carnival time, so instead of taking the product to the consumer (wich is hard when you have to dig your way in such crowds), they made the consumer go for it. And of course, they made the brand a significant presence in the event. This strategy is totally eye catching, specially in an event where people have too much to look at. ;)

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I'm not saying it doesn't work, I'm just saying it's the oldest trick in the book. Actually, it probably doesn't even count as a trick. You're selling something amidst a large crowd, you get a large sign, a flag or whatever. It's like making a case study for an "OPEN/CLOSED" sign on the front of a store. It works, sure, but it's not precisely news...

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Nothing new.

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Nothing new, that's for sure.

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Old is the new New.

Don't you get it?
It's not about being fresh. It's about selling beer.

Almap did it again.

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Fera Groove
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I wish I did this...

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Ok, so in the end what you're saying is that advertising is useless. No need for anything clever, original or enganging. Actually, this would probably be a lot better if the sign read "BEER" with the price in really large print underneath.

Seriously, this is depressing.

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