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Another one is defacing public areas with bad advertising.

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Are you against ambient media in general?

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Not at all. Just this one does nothing for me, and I couldn't resist the chance to slip in a smart-ass comment.

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me thinks
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Hits straight. Like it.

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Tim Weasle
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Come on. I would commit tax fraud if all I had to face was those cut outs.

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Tero Ylitalo
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Chinese Idols?

"Pastes like shit."

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He he.. I completely agree with that.. I guess they just took some 20 KB picture and bloated it all up.. The though is Ok.. but execution is a real Britney.

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But tax fraud is a crime :)

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I like this one a lot, but why do they have that blue outline ? it makes it less realistic and serious. With those outlines it looks like a rock album cover

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it´s just great

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Is ok but I miss the purpose, they’re trying to say – hey in china people die for this simple crime help us– or they are saying don’t commit tax fraud – in any case is a great idea for ambient if the objective where different. Putting the people in the line of execution that’s great.

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agree, they should have different ones with different petty crimes

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great, never been tought of

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it's great. the production is bad, but maybe they were on a tight budget. the idea, however, is magnificent.

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And why are they on the street? How is it related to Tax frauds?

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are they really that tall? yao mings?

Arnold Santillan

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i wonder if there is anyone from Amnesty International has ever been China:)

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