Amnesty International: Kidnapping performance for human rights in movie theater

Amnesty International Ukraine held a performance in one of Kyiv movie theaters. In the middle of the film viewing people in camouflage uniforms burst into the cinema hall and violently took two viewers away. We made a short video of the “abduction” and with the help of ambush marketing it became a viral and has collected tens of thousands views on YouTube. The initiative took place in support of annual Writing the Letters Marathon initiative organized by Amnesty International.

Advertising Agency: Tabasco, Kyiv, Ukraine
Creative Director: Alexander Smirnov
Art Director: Yevgen Ovchar
Copywriter: Anastasia Borovik
Producer: Tatyana Kurmaz
PR-manager: Veronika Velichko
Junior PR-manager: Iryna Sitalo
Supporting BTL-agency: Full Contact
BTL Director: Nataly Matus
BTL Manager: Anna Getmanenko
Production studio: 2332
Producer: Yuliya Danylyshyna
DOP: Sergey Morgunov, Yuriy Semenyuk
SMM Buiro: Pro Assistance
Client Service Director: Vesta Gunchenko
Director: Yuriy Shishkovskiy


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Very good. Surely shakes people up. Needs a call to action to donate by calling a number or something.

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I'm sure that was very effective in person.

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now this is seriously good advertising!!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Worked for me...

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