Amnesty International: Fence

Making the invisible visible

Brothers and Sisters creative team Lisa Jelliffe and Kirsten Rutherford have teamed up with the anonymous German street art collective Mentalgassi, to create art installations for Amnesty International. We’ve called the installations ‘Making the invisible visible’. They highlight the case of Troy Davis, a man who has been on death row for 19 years in the USA, despite serious doubts about his conviction. The posters are displayed on fence railings. Front on, you see nothing but bars. Troy’s face only becomes visible from an angle. Please help save Troy from being executed.

Advertising Agency: Brothers And Sisters, London, UK
Creatives: Mentalgassi, Kirsten Rutherford, Lisa Jelliffe
Production: Mentalgassi
Published: November 2010


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Clever. Very smooth the link between the concept and the use of the bars.

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This is awesome

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This is pure genius! Wish I had thought of it before. Congrats!

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this is really cool!!

| Everartz |

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Very nice!

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Oh look, there's some cool street art. Lets rip it off for an idea. I know, what about charity? Thats always easy.

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The street artists who are known for the 'cool street art' are a major part of this project. It wouldn't have happened without their collaboration. Take a look at the credits. Take a look at their site ( or their facebook to see how behind the project they are. Ripped off? No.
And since you have enough time to leave a comment, why don't you visit and sign the petition to stop Troy's execution? Easy? No. But thankfully, 60,000 people have learnt about his case in just over a week thanks to this project.

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Appropriation is a large and legitimate part of advertising, and art for that matter.

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Very clever. And somehow scary

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This idea was already done for dr. best "zwischenzahn" toothbrushes that works like dental floss

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Strange. Scary. I guess could be effective.

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Must be fun to see this suddenly. Nice.

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Himanshu Prabhakar

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Like... Like... Like... WOW!

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Poster behind the bar is done by TBWA Paris long back by Erik Vervroegen and team. But making the invisible visible might be a good touch...... But I don't know... would have work better for HBO horror month.

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Love the execution! Amazing! Will sign the petition now.

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a big thumb up!

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Pretty good!

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pretty impressive. good work

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