AMI: Earthquake

AMI is a NGO that sends doctors and nurses to areas hit by natural disasters or wars. To do so it always asks for the public's contributions. This Y&R Portugal poster that is made of "your turn" tickets. The whole of the poster shows a picture of the destructed Sichuan town in China but when you take off a ticket you both eliminate the image and get a thank you message and the account number to where you should send your contribution. The poster appeared at pharmacies and drugstores.

Advertising Agency: Y&R Lisbon, Portugal
Creative Directors: Pedro Ferreira
Art Director: Pedro Ferreira
Copywriter: Judite Mota
Photographer: Corbis news

October 2008


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Soooo done

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Very old Idea

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Unmotivated Genius
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good stuff

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seen this exact same idea before

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so used as a second hand cloth.

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Nice one. Don't know if someone did before but it's great anyway.

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Where and when was it done something similar?
Please let me know, I always love to learn that everything was done before according to professional adverting bloguers : )

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Liked it. Thumbs up!

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