American Tourister: Tough luggage

Tough luggage from American Tourister

Advertising Agency: Contract Advertsing, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Manish Ajgaonkar
Art Director: Pradnya Raut
Copywriter: Qainat Mansoor
Photographer: Amit Thakur
Additional credits: Sanjay Shinde, Abhishek Chendwankar

December 2009


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Phil Lestino
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The old lift doors eh? Glad to see they've still got other uses then just stopping people falling out of lifts.

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super, simple idea

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Roshan Quintus
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I like this. but just thinking would have been better if it was actual size bag.

bite me

silvi's picture
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Totally agree

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Not bad.

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Feeble scam. 'Spectators'? What's the elevator, a stadium? 'Increased footfalls'? Wow, nothing like a vague claim.

I've been to the Contract Mumbai once. The elevator that you see is the one in the same building.

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i don't know, i think it sends a wrong message. like "this luggage won't fit in an elevator with you" or sth

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Roger Keynes
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The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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when the doors close, the door on the right is already crumpled and the doors barely touch, as elevator doors usually do. so when did that damage happen?
plus it's no real size. weak.

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I tend to agree, a bit forced that is why this is not the perfect illusion.

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Is my baby

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