American Family Insurance: Höm Insvurannss

Insure your home against surprises

Brief: To promote home insurance services.
Insight: People do not believe that something might happen to their property to the bitter end. Burglary, break-in, flood or fire – they always take us by surprise.
Idea: In order to demonstrate the suddenness of a flood we use the IKEA shop, whose customers are used to the fact that everything is perfect there. We “flood” one of the rooms of the display area and hang a price list describing the services of the insurance company.

Advertising School: MADS, Moscow, Russia
Creative Directors: Arina Avdeeva, Denis Eliseev
Copywriter: Ilya Torgovnikov
Art-director: Mitya Katkin

March, 2013


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Good idea.

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nice idea. but the execution doesn't look like they did it for real

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Actually, it can't be made for real because the international policy of IKEA forbids to change the roomsets (I've worked for IKEA so that's why I know). But maybe this is a print ad or a big poster so it looks like it's a showroom at IKEA.

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nice ad good

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