Allianz: Elevator

Keep your money in a safe place.

Advertising Agency: Ó!, Reykjavik, Iceland
Creative Director / Art Director: Einar Gylfason
Copywriter: Daniel Stefansson
Published: October 2009


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Not fresh, similar things have been done.

Though I like ambient advertising, so I guess I like it.

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yeah somehow nice, but a safe that opens its door whenever somebody pushes the button doesn't really feel that safe ;)

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lots of things have "been done" but the real question is, how did it work for the client? in Iceland, this message is probably very resonant right now, though the possible perils of an accidental elevator plunge cannot help but come to mind, so perhaps a lift is not the best location for this execution...

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Accidents do happen, but the real peril is the fact that people can just as easily decode this as their money will always be going up and down... ;)

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i think if you put it on the elevator....... it really look SO not safe.....

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Bjork is still the only creative thing coming from Iceland...

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pretty cool stuff.
you tend to be amused
& thus is rendered memorable!

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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Kind of ironic that it's by an Icelandic agency – when you consider Iceland is bankrupt.

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