AllanGray: Puzzle

Purpose is nothing without patience.

Advertising Agency: King James Advertising, Cape Town, South Africa
Executive Creative Director: Alistair King
Creative Director / Copywriter: Devin Kennedy
Art Director: Damian Bonse


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Bad photoshop.

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what photoshop? it's random photos of a billboard.

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It's a concept that should have been pushed a little further -- from the freeway, are you actually going to see the fact that it's a jigsaw puzzle? Somehow, I kinda doubt it.

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i think it's meant to take a few days or weeks to put together.

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This is just tossing around the "bad photoshop" line too lightly.

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I wonder how many days it took them to make this. If it lasted for example 2 weeks... people passing by regularly would see this billboard evolve little by little. Than it would be a good idea.

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Crisp One
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I think it's a good idea, but it works only if these guys are there putting it together "live" for the people to see.

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I like the ad

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The ad was built up over several weeks, so yes, people would know it was puzzle pieces.

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the Pun-isher
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Nice. Not new though.
Amstel Lager did a similar "puzzle billboard",There tag line was" Slow brewed, extra matured" Can't find the link right now.

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when the last piece is in... bring on the spray paint!

obviously needs to be in high traffic area as it will only make sense to those exposed multiple times. also, it's hard to read. the tag looks like a smudge on the bottom right image.

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Nice idea and copy. Agree with capywriter, but the pieces size should be bigger anyway.

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stupid... who will even realise its a puzzle?
imagine glancing at it once while you're driving by in your car at 60 kmph...

Today I have seen Lao-tzu and can only compare him to the dragon.

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Its a good concept. The execution maybe needed a little more work and thought.


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love it... inspiring to me.

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i think they wasted a pretty good time on an art that could ve been replaced by a print...
its a great effort, but still PUZZLE on a billboard!! u guys r crazy

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! shit ! Where was your creative director ? DO YOU HAVE ONE ??!!!

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This ad is pretty boring ...

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excuse for a minute i will go and throw up !! GUYS THIS IS TERRIBLE !

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