All Black Pub: After 6, it's Guinness time

Paper cups were offered to refill the cup dispenser at business offices in the pub's neighborhood.

Advertising Agency: Publicis, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Tião Bernardi, J.R. Delboux, Ricardo Furriel
Art director: Denis Kakazu
Copywriter: Denis Kakazu, Guilherme Facci

December, 2006


justpassingby's picture
1368 pencils

very clever

kandi's picture
204 pencils

Simple and cute. Good consumer insight.

swiss_adguy's picture
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we tried to pass the same idea with our client, though no success so far…

the_ashlands's picture
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these are great! im pretty sure i'd steal a bunch of these...always sign of a good idea...

thecharles's picture
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Indeed the feeling of I want to take those means the idea is working,
however the promotion of alcohol in the work place may not be welcome at every office, but where you can get it in i say go for it and way to go guinness.

the_ashlands's picture
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at least they make a point to include 'after 6' so they dont encourage drinking on the job....but i see your point.

Heads's picture
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Simply cute.

Maxchan2000's picture
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because the black and cream color is so obviously "Guiness". May be you can push it a little further by not putting any words. It can become part of the brand campaign. A cup for subtle reminder.

ivanlim's picture
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they could. but i think it's an ad drive for the pub.

comingsoon's picture
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great job, guys!

thinkFRESHdesign's picture
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So-so interactive ad idea. Unfortunatley, have seen similar ideas already done with Heineken - although it was in print and not an outdoor (ok, indoor) ad.

I wonder if this is where the idea came from?

original doodles + creative sweat =

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