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Really great.

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It really is a great idea. "my life lies in the hands of others" that's so powerful!

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This is really really really G R E A T !

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A W S U MMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ad Junkie At Large
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really great, could have a year long house life if the person decides to use it as a day to day thing

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Maybe they could do a calendar with the faces of all the victims that these people murdered too. That would be really G R E A T!!!!!!!!!!!

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Exactly Great

-Where is the impossible?


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nice idea.
but sad effect.

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Guest commenter

I was thinking why don't they list the names of the victims and show their pictures so they can be remembered because they are dead already thanks to these men and women.

I was here but now I am gone because of YOU!!!!

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pointless...the whole brief and campaign is pointless. its like much ado about nothing. people who kill people should die. thats all.

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