A.L.C. Computer Support: Mouse

Challenge: Make the target go to the website and checkout all the short courses that are offered about computer support at the A.L.C

Idea: Paste the stickers below the mouse in Santiago cyber cafes. These stickers won't let the mouse's work so the user's instinct will make them check the back of the mouse to see what happened. Then they will find the message, "Study computers support" and the logo and the web address.

Advertising Agency: Los Quiltros, Santiago, Chile
Creative Director: Marcelo Feliu
Art Director: Paulo Jerez
Copywriter: Alejandro “Lato” La Torre
Published: June 2007


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Smart but if people goes to cyber cafes, it means they don't have any PC's.
So why should they learn to repare it ?

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Going to cyber cafes DOESN'T mean they don't have a PC. It might mean they are simply away from home, they passed by and needed to go to the internet, or they just dropped by to have a coffee and felt like typing a bit.

Wait, wait... best of all: They have their PC for repair, and so, they go to the Cyber Cafe. Would that be enough to make them want to learn how to repair it?

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Good idea, I like it, but... Where's the contact info??? The person that see this is gonna throw it away immediately.


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web adress, and they are sitting in a computer...

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Oops, so small I did't see it. I'm old.


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I'd be pissed. They created a problem instead of solving any.

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I'll either go to the cyber cafe next door
OR ask for the owner for further assistant.

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yeah. good thought. and the client exists!

gûena, poh marcelo!

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no entiendo... la primer persona lo ve... quita el sticker para poder usar el mouse, y listo... no sirve más. se acabó, finito, chau... ¿o acaso viene con instrucciones para volverlo a pegar?

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its like a hand given panflet, only that this way you ensure that the consumer is probably in target, interested, and that it will look at it.

you dont need to paste it in again.

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Ivan... the agency name is "Los Quiltros" (Los = The)


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Oh, ok.

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