Aktion Deutschland hilft: Regensburg

Unique impressions alongside the Donau. The water is gone, but the damages remain.

In 2013, Germany was affected by the alleged „once in a hundred years“ flood. To create awareness for all the persons affected we created an ambient campaign in cities, which weren’t affected. We simply ruined tourism placards with the suggestion of the damage caused by the floods. Concerned people could donate via SMS. Aktion Deutschland hilft is a fundraising organization for the victims of the floods.

Advertising Agency: Heye, Munich, Germany
Creative Director: Željko Pezely
Art Directors: Marie-Astrid Nett, Katharina Hanglberger
Copywriters: Tobias Schwarz, Niklas Prusseit
Photographer: Getty Images
Art Buyers: Martina Hansen, Kim Bianchi
Set Builder: Chris Craven

June 2013

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