AIS Stronglas: Train Stopper

AIS Stronglas™ is a very high grade tempered glass that is several orders of magnitude stronger than ordinary glass. To highlight this benefit in a larger than life way, a Stronglas sheet was attached to the buffer stops at the end of tracks at major railway terminals in Mumbai. By implying that the glass is strong enough to stop an oncoming train, the product benefit was dramatised.

Advertising Agency: Brand David Communications, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Josy Paul
Art Director: Sandesh Mangaonkar
Copywriter: Jigar Fernandes
Photographer: Ashish Vaidya


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Well if this is so, maybe they should make the trains of this material. They will look a lot more sexier and will be very helpful in avoiding the tragedies like the one we had in August last year.

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this never happened.
average idea.
average photoshop.

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maybe you should see the photo properly mate. See the details.

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Not sure that trains actually hit those things though. Do they? Not sure if that matters.

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they dont unless something is wrong. is a safety mesaure, thats why the benefit is even more dramatized.

its kinda a superman ad!

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Aah, that makes it way better. Thanks.

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Good work from David again.

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hey.. thats a nice idea.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Superb! Also in sync with tvc for same brand that ran in India.

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buy by bye
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awesome idea, but jsut how many people would see it?

i travel by train and i never look at the 'train stopper' side..


but still its an original thought and respect to that!

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awesome idea i love it

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Sorry, doesn't works for me as we all know it would shatter like a bad cracked egg.
Another thing is why do you need the glass and the buffer stops at the same time? I thought one would replace the other.

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Quite won a silver at the asia pac adfest..

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Great stuff.

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Almost all passengers (unless their blind) will see this.
And yes the train does hit it when it moves into a station. Way to go.

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Un vidrio capaz de soportar la velocidad de un tren??????.

Acaso el tren no se detiene antes de llegar al vidrio?. Si es asi, entonces el beneficio
nunca queda demostrado. Si el tren intentara pasar el vidrio el concepto quedaria
completamente cerrado.

No funciona para mi.

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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Ah... great demonstration ad. Don't think the train smashes into it though... by the time it is there the speed should be very slow.

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wow....great way to show the toughness of a glass...

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Like this idea.
Love guerilla stuff.
Scammed or 'shopped, this is cool.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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a bit extreme
but the idea is nice

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idea is kool...strong positioning...

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