Jinx Gothenburg

February 2011

Jinx Gothenburg


On 25th of August 2010 AIK played a match against Gothenburg. AIK wanted a campaign to promote the match, whilst allowing all Swedish AIK fans to participate.

The insight that led to the idea was that football players are often superstitious.

Is it possible to affect a football team by using superstition? The idea for a psychological experiment was born, and we involved AIK fans all over Sweden.

The campaign was centered around the site Here we asked AIK fans for bad luck symbols; black cats, ladders and mirrors. Fans could lend us their own, or donate symbols via SMS. With trucks full of symbols and voluntary AIK supporters, we travelled to Gothenburg - and set up bad luck-installations around the city. The Gothenburg citizens walked under ladders, broke mirrors and saw black cats crossing the street. Everything was filmed and streamed live to the site. Fans who donated symbols saw their own names tagged on the symbols. And finally, before a training session at Kamratgården we showed the Gothenburg players footage of the project.

Ambient advertisment created by Jung von Matt, Sweden for AIK, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Director: Daniel Wahlgren
Copywriters: Kristin Bergem, Petter Dixelius
Creative Director: Johan Jäger
Planner: Leon Phang
Designer: Daniel Forero
Production Company: It´s Showtime
Digital production company: Awkward

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Lolz. Nice.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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use of cats is discussable. Idea look nice though, nevertheless it was not success when it comes to a score :)

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interesting idea.

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Anders Holm
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