AIDS day

December 2006
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The same truck driver with different woman dressed in their regional costumes, each from a different part of India. It was originally executed for the Aids awareness in 18 different Indian languages, targeting truck drivers who are the single biggest transporters of the HIV virus across India.

Advertising Agency: JWT, India
Creatives: Senthil Kumar, Debu Purkayashta, Hital Pandya, Sachin Kalelkar

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i totally disagree. i don't think it would work showing an ugly truck driver with some even uglier prostitutes and ladyboys. maybe that's closer to reality (i don't know), but this is not about pointing out inequity or something. it's targeting truck drivers (men) to convince them to use condoms, no matter who they have sex with.
as long as they use condoms it serves both the truckers and the women they have sex with (in fact, a truck driver would care more about his own health then about a prostitute he just slept with once)