Adidas: Impossible Jerseys

Advertising Agency: TBWA\TEQUILA, Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Joseph Mok
Art Directors: Joseph Mok, Ronald Tin
Copywriters: Law Chi Hang, Calvin Chow

December, 2007


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starting to make inside the magazine sound boring. i like.

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It's nice to see not only a great piece of work (which it is: not especially imaginative, but then, it doesnt have to be because this falls in the category of "why didnt I think of that", accompanied by a slap to the forehead) but one backed with actual results numbers that prove its success.

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Wow! I'd love one of those.

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It's OK, not great, but I would buy the magazine to get a copy.

It would be better if they could give away real ones!!! They aren't that expensive to produce, but yet they sell it at such an expensive price :( And, this season's designs are not so good looking. They could've done better compared to 2006's.

anyway, Deutschland über alles XDD

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This is sure the "tequila effet"...i like it very much !

Simple ideas are the best !

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i like it

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@pscs: it's a controlled pricing... you wouldn't really want to see it flooding the streets and worn by hobos the world over.

@no one in particular: milk has always supported this kind of special buys, and maintained their magazine price regardless. :) One issue I bought had 5 other mini magazine tagged to it, and had more content than the magazine itself haha

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Shit who cares really the paper ones are good enough to stick on a wall or door as well so even better.

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