Adidas: Flip-book

Advertising Agency: TBWA\TEQUILA\ Hong Kong
Creative Directors: Joseph Mok
Art Directors: Joseph Mok, Ronald Tin, Cheung Pui Kwan, Thomas Wong
Copywriters: Law Chi Hang, Calvin Chow
Photographers: Billy Kan, Marco Chow

August, 2008


sneakyhands's picture
1857 pencils

flip-books are fun. if i had one of these, i'd show it off.

SeanMartin's picture

This is SO much better than those outlandishly weird print ads a few weeks back.

pscs's picture
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I like this. It's definitely interesting, although I'd get bored of it quite quickly. They should have a lot more people in between (yeah, although it drives the cost up).

Hibon's picture
3734 pencils

Fun, new, different,interesting ....well done guys !!!!! ( i'm sure you had this idea because of the agency "tequila") :)

Simple ideas are the best !

dico's picture
332 pencils

really fun!!!

marco's picture
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Although its another flip book idea I actually really like it, it's cool how they show off the full clothing range. For me this works way better
than any of the previous adidas stuff out of china. Nice stuff.

act's picture
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flip book this, flip book that, flip book print, flip book tv spot, flip book, flip book... done by so many others since a long long time ago

whitespace's picture
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and they're still more interesting than your comment.

act's picture
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they ought to be. it would be even more appalling if our comments are more interesting then ad campaigns. you still can't ignore the fact that this campaign uses a really old gimmick.

g73's picture
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interestin solution

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