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It won the recent CLIO Awards. However, it's not a fresh idea:
- Zoo poster with stencil of animals (this campaign also won in the same Clio).
- Headache pills, with stencil of human head placed on walls with crack.
- Previous adidas' adicolor billboard using blank billboard and leave it for graffitti aritsts to do the job, and adidas paste over a shoe stencil over the graffitti. Exactly the same thing.

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nothing smart from smart inc. :S

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...but it's smart to have won CLIO statues. Bravoooo!

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very boring compared to the rest of the stuff on the website- choice of line and font-nasty indeed.
ooooooooo how subversive are adidas- street posters over graffiti. I'd prefer to see the image underneath.

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