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it seems expensive and uneffective.
did something get lost in translation?

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Charlie Pratt
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Blech. It asks the question, but gives no indication as to why the question is being asked, or who is asking it!

I wish I could actually SEE more ambient campaigns in my everyday life. Tired of seeing them in these visualizations.


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bara bara baez
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I wish them luck but butter them fish isn't worth them planners weren't it?

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Is this ad for condoms or bike helmets?

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so predictable... plus the eternal question "and you, (fill in the blanks)"?
Sorry guys, it's very weak.

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It doesn't work. There's no connection to the goal of the campaign.

A public interest ad has three objectives, in this order.

1. Get the attention of the target.
2. Get the target to think about the subject presented.
3. Get the target to act.

This ad doesn't accomplish anything past the first step. The average person on the street wouldn't get what this has to do with AIDS protection.

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