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jeeez! i doubt that this guy can read the message.

anyway, anything that tries to keep them from driving drunk is a good thing.

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No fixed abode
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Not really getting the psychology of a drink driver I'm afraid. If I have my keys in my hand, a message on my phone is not stopping me. This is when advertising is a waste of time. Where is the consequence? I know I probably shouldn't be doing it, but hey...

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they should have a warning for wearing shirts like that too.

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i was just thinking about that too.. floral shirts? disco was a long time ago.

Arnold Santillan

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It's never too dark to be cool. That was the only thing that I could think of. Who the hell wears shades to a club anyway?

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I don't get it. it's so straight. Am I missing something here? Where's the twist? Gotta love their results too. "There was an increase" So, it went from 1 call to 2. AWESOME!

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There's no twist. Just different media which would not work in my country.
Just wondering, won't it be more effective if they get the message when they are drinking and not drunk instead of when they are intoxicated?

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A lame thought, actually no thought. This could have been so much better, at least JWT could have used the medium in creative way???

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how creative and twisty do you want it to be? it's talking to boozed up clubbers for chrissakes!

c'mon people, think!

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where on earth is bahrain?

deep_tracy's picture
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the middle east.

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Next to Saudi Arabia, island size of Singapore.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Nice shirt.

I like the technique used here, but agreeing with No fixed abode, this wouldn't give the drunk driver any sense of consequence, thereofre could have been alot better.

That guy looks wasted.

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