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This one is fun. The extreme angle reminds me of a ride. The other two are not as impressive

Good is the enemy of great.

Good is the enemy of great.

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Psycho Pirate
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I like em. Works best as a campaign. Perhaps as a series of roadside billboards enroute to Six Flags?

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hmmm. not outstanding...
but not bad either

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As if people didn't already know that Six Flags was a theme park. Tell me something I don't know please.

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This is an awareness ad. Of course people know what Six Flags is! People know what Guinness is, but they still advertise beer in their beer ads. This is fresh thinking that makes you do a double take, which is kinda the definition of billboard advertising.

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stupid comment that is.... see the previous campaign: as if nobody knows what Orkin is (at least in Canada). So according to you Six Flags should only advertise when they open the best restaurant in the country or something else irrelevant that you didn't now before... Just seeing a sign like this, might make you think: 'Oh yeah, Six Flags, long time I've been there... maybe go next weekend'. It's just keeping the brand into people's mind. And this way they do it in a nice surprising way. Nothing wrong with that!

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Fun and Nice..
kgeiger! get a hobby!

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awesome!! who criticizing are just envy.

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Brett Messick

The fact that this ad won the top student prize at the Clios blows my mind. Its not bad, but it is far from what I would call award winning.

On a side note does anyone know of any sites that just post student work to be evaluated as opposed to this site which focuses on agency work?

Thanks in advance.

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