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wow.. I love it

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I like outdoor ads, but this is pretty bland.

original doodles + creative sweat =

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i also like the ad but i just can't figure out why they didn't go all the way and put stickers all around the bus shelter. Why just on top? Money? I've seen it done for other stuff and in this case would have turn out real nice.
Still great execution.

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Yeah, a sand pit underneath the shelter would have added a nice touch

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Just on top, because they're trying to depict the feeling of being lying on the sand, looking at the palms and the blue, wonderful and clear Canarias sky.

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i like it like that, for too many reasons:
- a clear contradiction between your urban life and what they offer
- makes you imagine what can you find in a place like that
- cost wise, but in this case it's not that important factor.

very nice ad... i like it

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Pretty kewl~

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Hmm.. nice, but not nicer than the umbrella version that I saw a couple of years ago...

I think it was Ola, the Icecream company.

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Yay! This is awesome