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This was an email thats been going around. stop lifting ideas.. atleast from popular emails.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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heeeeeheeee nice.

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Where I live they sell these witches at our local shops and halloween stores, as they have for a few years. Leading up to Halloween you see them EVERYWHERE, and I mean EVERYHWERE! you go, on telephone poles, mailboxes, trees, store fronts, they even have mini ones for your car antenna. So the impact is lost on me and I wouldn't have even paid attenion to the sign above it. But thats just me and if I hadn't seen them before, not a bad idea. I would have taken notice.

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this campaign is from Guatemala. unless you live there, you should've been surprised.

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For the past 5 years in america you can buy these witches in any store. It's been done hundreds of times.


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Esta pieza la vi hace mucho tiempo en america latina... ya existia... estoy buscandola todavia.
this idea is old, i saw this idea in america latina... i don´t remember where... but i still loking for the original... if i have time... y put them in here...

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very effective

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