April 2007
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Smak approached Nando’s with the idea of capitalizing on 4/20 (the yearly cannabis culture celebration) in downtown vancouver. Wearing cheeky brand messages and carrying pseudo-protest signs, the smak team blitzed the scene, distributing fresh chicken burgers, thousands of vouchers and branded matchbooks to a captive audience with the munchies.

Advertising Agency: Smak, Vancouver, Canada
Creative Director: Claire Lamont
Copywriter: Alan Bedingfield
Illustrator: Neale Pope
Photographer: Sean Tyson
Other Additional Advertising Agencys: Tuuli Hannula, Andrea Sawer, Sylvie Gohl

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This one is great.

I think the boys above are missing the point. Firstly - It appears that the objective of this campaign is to get across the fact that the burgers are "Flame Grilled" not "Baked" or "Fried" that means NOT greasy (you must be from the USA klaussnow) Secondly - Kudo's to Nando's for having the bollucks to follow through with a campaign like this. Most clients don't see the humour in their brands. Nando's is a massive brand here in the UK and love to stir the pot (pardon the pun).