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wow....i wish i was there, with some hammer.

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You know, all you negative people posting rotten comments, think rotten thoughts about other peoples creative ideas (which all comes from a collective creative consciousness by the way) and you will only produce shit rotten ideas yourself because that will be your creative vibration. Stop acting so jealous - honestly. So what if an idea doesn't tickle your balls, learn to have a little tact and show some respect - as you would expect of others commenting on your ideas.

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All of the notes would have been cancelled - at the Millenium Dome in London in 2000 they had a room with £1,000,000 in notes behind glass all around it, but all of the notes were cancelled so nobody could use them if they did steal them.

This is a great advert which I featured on my blog the other week - Ad Poster of the Week

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you know what you all are rude ass chicken mo fos who can't even talk shyt without going as guest.

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