3D glasses

February 2007



As an invitation to go to the 3D oriental cinema season glasses were given out on the streets. The pair of glasses were reminiscent of the shape of oriental people's eyes.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Bogota, Colombia
Creative Director: Javier Diaz
Art Director / Copywriter / Photographer: Andrés Mejía

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Is there no Asian(!) people living in Bogota? I can't even imagine how this wouldn't get complaints.

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Not Asian but s...

Of course this is racist!! And incorrect. People are not oriental, things like furniture are. People are referred to as Asian.

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In Spanish, oriental is a race. Even so, in english, being Asian doesnt mean one is oriental(orwhattever), it just indicates your place of birth, not your race.

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aside from all that, who the hell says oriental anymore? Get it together, its the 21st century.

... its already been done...

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Wow. That's pretty racist.

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do you even know what "racist" means?
how is this racist?

pretty obvious idea, done 100 times before. and i doubt that people would attend to the shape of the glasses

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Of course it's racist you fool. You don't have 'dictionary' installed on your computer?

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"Of course it's racist you fool. You don't have 'dictionary' installed on your computer?"

Ah, okay. You're just another moron who's incapable of producing arguments. Instead, you're getting nasty.

See, it's not racist to show different characteristics of different races. It would be racist if this happened in an insulting way. Go check your installed 'dictionary'
You think it's insulting to show "oriental" eyes? So please tell us: what's so bad about 'em? No proud asian with a normal self-confidence would consider this an insult.

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You think that was nasty? You gotta get out more.

Please see ultraboon222's comment below, then tell me again this isn't racist.

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"You think that was nasty? You gotta get out more."
You know, I don't deal with curs and bums. That's why I expected a proper reply instead of your insolent one-liner. I'm sure you can be more polite if you try to.

I read ultraboon's comment. And I say this ad isn't racist.
First of all I don't know "ultraboon", nor do I know if she/he's Asian. If she/he is, I accept her/his point of view. But I'm still convinced that most Asians are self-confident enough to not take it as an offence. BTW, I wouldn't mind if an Asian agency did the same with e.g. long plastic noses attached to the 3-D-glasses for a European or US-American festival.

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Es una idea muy simpática con una gran ejecución!!

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Daniel Rincon

i like it!!!!!! good good idea.

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Preguntamos: Cuantos Asiaticos vieron esa idea?, ojala que pocos porque si no los matan....Muy mala idea. De verdad muy mala. Lentes 3D?, nunca se utilizó en ningun lado. Un recurso muy usado. Pero más allá de eso la idea es MALISIMA!!!

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I think that it is simply good!

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I'm asian, and I think the idea is cute.

Come on, it's not like American has square shaped eyes of the normal 3d glasses.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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It's not exactly "Racist" it uses a "cliche".

So, for the next Colombian art festival in Japan, I'm pretty sure an operation called "Cocaine for everybody" won't be a problem.

And of course, DDB offers.

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ad crazy 2

so it's a cliché that asians have "almond-shaped" eyes?
your comparison doesn't work.

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I don't think this is racist, it just emphasizes a trait that asians have. Having such eyes is not an insult, it's basically like saying that scandinavians are mostly blond and africans have darker skin. Nothing bad there.
People should really stop this racism hysteria each time we talk about race traits; it's a bit tireying.
As to the ad i think it's a good idea, even though I'm not sure I would have understood immediatly that the shape illustrates asian eyes.

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so true. every single word. i second this comment. ^^

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Shit ad.

Not racist just boring.

We're going to need more lube.

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Actually, on seconds thoughts, it is stereotyping and derogatory.

Shame on you guys.

We're going to need more lube.

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que trucho tan berraco, que pena de pieza, que obvio, que cliché, que ganas de ganarse un premio...

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nice one


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esta pieza no resuelve lo que plantean como problema solo es un recurso adaptado a las malas.

el otro año será.

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As an Asian, I wouldn't want to be associated with this kind of ad. Yes, it only is the basic shape of the eyes of SOME Asian people but it's the connotation that goes along with it that are offensive. Just as you wouldn't pass out black maskes for an African American Film Festival, you shouldn't use racial "cliches" to promote the kind of event that is supposed to dispell such stereotypes. Personally my eyes aren't that shape and I'm Asian. I think that if you're not Asian, you would not realize how offensive this is. There's just too much negative connections associated with this kind of public display.

Point is, there's much better and smarter ways to go about this. And yes, things are oriental, not people.

Too many cooks in the kitchen....

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Thankyou for putting it so succinctly, you are very right my friend.

I am not Asian but I certainly do realise how offensive this ad is.

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Que ignorancia DIOS!! porque hablan de racismo aquí, en ningún momento hay discriminación, ningún asiático tendría porque sentir que se le esta agrediendo. Es una muy buena idea que debe de simpatizar incluso más si sos asiatico, que tarados!!

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It is not about racist. It is about originality.
This one, is the first idea for everyone who work in advertising for a couple of months. Not enough work in it. Period

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The pair of glasses were reminiscent of the shape of Creative Director's brain size.

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estos es racista para los acomplejados que en vez de apreciar y estar orgullosos de las carectiristicas de su raza tienen verguenza de si mismos. La idea no es lo maximo, es basica, ok...ese es otro punto. Pero no es racista. como no lo serian mascaras negras para un festival Afro uno es negro es negro, aceptenlo. Si las mascaras fueran blancas para un festival Europeo seria racista?

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DIFFERENT, it's GOOD!!!!!.it is a novel invitation.

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a mi me gusta mucho la pieza, mil veces mejor que entregar un volante convencional, es directo y bien relacionado con cine. felicitaciones.

(miguelandréscortés / Art Director / Leo Burnett Colombiana)

(miguelandréscortés / Graphic Creative / Y&R)

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Hey miguel Muchas gracias!!!

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difiero de miguel. y de el alivio de andreche.

un volante podria ser mil veces mejor que esta pieza. que no resuelve el problema que plantea. en ese sentido no sirve. serviria mas un volante por malo que sea. no basta con relacionarlo con el cine eso no es la idea.

asi no vamos a llegar a ningun pereira.

lo siento.
me parece así.

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englesa please

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englesa please